LNG and LPG Consulting Services

Featherwood Capital LLC has extensive knowledge of the North American and International Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG ) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LPG ) industries as well as the natural gas transportation and distribution markets. Featherwood Capital Principals have negotiated or advised on numerous commercial contracts involving the LNG ConsultingPurchase and Sale of LNG and LPG, Terminal Use Agreements, shipping Time Charter Agreements, and Share Purchase Agreements. Featherwood Capital has also successfully permitted onshore and offshore North American LNG facilities and has extensive knowledge of the regulatory and commercial challenges facing prospective facilities.

Featherwood Capital Principals negotiated roughly 70% of the new LNG supply to the North American market in the first decade of the 21st century. The Principals have developed both upstream and downstream projects and have a comprehensive knowledge of the issues that affect commercial negotiations throughout the value chain. Through its course of business Featherwood Capital has provided extensive market analyses to customers for virtually all major North American LNG, natural gas and electricity markets as well as major and emerging international natural gas markets. The studies include not only import and export facilities, but also the surrounding indigenous markets, supply and demand points and the associated transportation, storage and distribution infrastructure.

Featherwood has originated a number of LPG purchase transactions for international clients in both the spot and term markets.  Featherwood uses its broad market experience to ensure that it can provide a product mix to meet its client’s stringent requirements.

Featherwood Capital’s project development encompasses the whole LPG/LNG/natural gas value chain from upstream production and liquefaction facilities to downstream vaporization and distribution facilities. Featherwood Capital Principals have negotiated both sides of Purchase and Sale agreements, vessel Time Charter, and Terminal Use Agreements. In addition, Featherwood has extensive knowledge of the facility permitting process having both permitted its own projects as well as advising multiple clients on project permitting and development. Featherwood Capital Principal’s financial market experience provides clients with a clear understanding of the impact of commercial agreements on prospective financial arrangements. This depth of knowledge is crucial to providing clients with a comprehensive solution that optimizes commercial outcomes.

Notable LNG projects Featherwood has managed/consulted include the following:

  • Multiple permitted North American LNG import/export projects
  • North American and Northern Europe liquefaction projects
  • Re-activation of dormant North American LNG terminals and supply contracts
  • Siting of LNG export pipelines, plant and marine facilities
  • Multiple long term LNG supply RFPs
  • Lake Charles, Elba Island and Cove Point LNG deliveries
  • Multiple Caribbean LNG projects
  • Multiple Western European LNG import projects
  • Small scale LNG production for transport fuels

Commercial Contract Negotiation Experience:

  • Principal Commercial Advisor for four executed LNG supply contracts into North America from a major Mideast supplier (“nameplate” total volume of 4.5 Bcf/day)
  • Contract Negotiator for a Northern European liquefaction project
  • Multiple Purchase and Sale agreements for North American LNG terminals
  • Short term/spot LNG and LPG transactions delivered to multiple terminals in the US and Europe
  • Extensive negotiation experience in NW Europe gas transactions