Meet the Team

Walt Teter

Walt Teter photo

Since founding Featherwood Capital in 2003, Mr. Teter has focused on the development of energy related projects with a specific focus on LNG projects. Investor/client value creation through identification of undervalued assets, the management of permitting, and the commercial structuring of opportunities has been the hallmark of activity. Mr. Teter has negotiated multiple upstream-related agreements on behalf of clients and investors, principally targeting LNG Purchase and Sale Agreement, Terminal Use Agreements, and the corporate structure agreements required for the execution of complex LNG chain activities. Over the last decade Mr. Teter has been a principal negotiator or advisor for LNG SPA contracts with a notional volume in excess of 7,000,000 MMBtu/day. In addition he has been an investor, advisor and negotiator for the development and utilization of nearly a dozen LNG receiving and liquefaction terminals. In the terminal development role Featherwood secured for investors a return of 600% in a period of 18 months.

Prior to founding Featherwood, Mr. Teter held the position of Senior Vice-President at El Paso Energy where he was responsible for the negotiation of long-term LNG contracts and all LNG spot trading. The value realized during the three years at El Paso was in excess of $225 million (cash basis), and included the successful negotiation and monetization of a 20+ year LNG SPA, the re-opening of the Elba Island LNG receiving terminal and the acquisition of over a dozen spot cargoes.

Mr. Teter embarked on a career in energy with Statoil, first in North America with the start up of power trading and IPP development and subsequently undertook a key role in the commercial development of the first LNG export project in Europe (Snøhvit). The Snøhvit project has been instrumental in opening up an entirely new frontier energy province, creating prosperity for Northern Norway and enhanced energy security in the Atlantic basin.

Jeff Oetting

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Mr. Oetting is the Managing partner of Featherwood Capital LLC and a founding Partner. Mr. Oetting is the lead Project Developer and has led the political and legal aspects of the project development team. Mr. Oetting has extensive financial and energy market experience related to the North American natural gas and electricity generation markets and has structured long term cross commodity contracts. Mr. Oetting has 30 years of experience participating in financial and energy related transactions.

Prior to co-founding Featherwood, Mr. Oetting held the position of Partner at Amerex Natural Gas and Power in Houston, Texas where he structured long-term natural gas and electricity contracts. He increased sales volume over 100 fold during his tenure and was able to build the broker desk from 3 to over 100 brokers.

Mr. Oetting has held numerous positions either managing or brokering financial contracts. He has built numerous desks and is adept at managing large complex operations. His management experience provides clients with a comprehensive view of energy markets and the most effective ways to optimize their business or investment.

John Teter

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Mr. Teter joined Featherwood Capital LLC in 2004. Since that time Mr. Teter has led the technical development and analysis for the firm’s projects. As such he has provided technical project management services to clients including engineering management, asset utilization studies, financial modeling, and project feasibility studies. He has extensive project modeling experience spanning the entire LNG value chain and has created highly complex models used for expert testimony. Mr. Teter has 12 years experience in technical management including the complex management skills required to manage satellite launches and 8 years experience in the energy markets.

Prior to joining Featherwood, Mr. Teter was a contractor in the aerospace industry. He was responsible for leading a team of engineers to manage the launch and activation activities for numerous NASA earth-observing missions. He has also consulted on commercial aerospace projects helping customers develop and implement command and control systems and procedures required for launch and activation of the space assets.