Oilfield Equipment Sales

Oilfield Equipment SalesAfter identifying a need for a small agile firm to provide high quality oilfield equipment Featherwood has successfully provided cost effective solutions to customer’s equipment needs that allow them to meet their demanding development schedules.  Featherwood serves both domestic and international customers.Featherwood markets natural gas and oilfield equipment to support the increasing demand for parts in the drilling industry. Our products span a broad spectrum of equipment in the drilling industry, from MWD/LWD to pumps and hoses. We are uniquely positioned to service our worldwide client base by providing them a diverse range of products at a competitive price. Featherwood is committed to provide our clients with fast efficient and competitive pricing on oilfield equipment.

Products we can supply include but are not limited to:

  • Measurement While Drilling tools ( MWD tools )
  • Logging While Drilling tools ( LWD tools )
  • Electromagnetic Kits
  • Mud Pulse Kits
  • Gamma Modules
  • Bottom Hole Assemblies ( BHA )
  • Drill Pipe Screens
  • Spearpoints
  • Pumps
  • Hoses
  • Cables
  • Job boxes

Featherwood can source kits from a number of manufacturers such as:

  • Geolink
  • Black Star
  • Blue Star
  • Tensor
  • Newtech

Please contact us with any inquiries.