In the process of assisting our clients, Featherwood Capital integrates a vast array of infrastructure and financial market information. By maintaining up-to-date information and analysis, Featherwood Capital can provide a fully integrated near real-time snapshot of North American and Global LNG markets. The brief summaries published here highlight some of the broader implications of our detailed market analysis. Featherwood Capital can provide a wide range of report products, from a standard introductory market analysis to customized reports developed for our clients specific needs. Please contact us at the link below if you are interested in a copy of the more detailed report summarized in the short publications below, or if you have customized report needs.

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December 14, 2017

North American LNG Export Project Gas Supply Competition Study: U.S. & Canadian Northeast vs. U.S. Gulf Coast Markets


      Featherwood Partners advise clients on ways to optimize both pricing and structure, by analyzing market and infrastructure trends. Clients are provided strategies that take a portfolio approach to the supply chain that meets the combined requirements of minimizing supply cost and providing a suitable degree of price certainty. Clients acquiring assets or considering LNG terminal development require market knowledge and expertise that Featherwood Principals can provide. Through our relationships with leading international engineering and construction firms, Featherwood can scope and assess the viability of infrastructure projects in any international market. Development of LNG export facilities can dramatically change markets, but often market participants are slow to adapt to a changing dynamic. Featherwood works with clients to reach out to market participants and develop robust supply markets in locations previously lacking liquidity.